Midget Loco "Dedicated To The OG'S"

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Midget Loco brings you his 2nd solo album Dedicated To The OGs with Smash Hits as "Thirteen Letter" , "California Raised", and "Sunday High" ft. Cecy B and D.Salas. These songs have been getting positive reviews and radio play. The videos for these songs have over 300,000 views on youtube. This album has already been called an Instant Classic by many Chicano Rap fans. This album is an album you can enjoy from beginning to end.

Dedicated To The OGs Tracklist:

1) Thirteen Letter ft. D.Salas
2) I Stay Down ft. D.Salas
3) Aqui Estoy Midget Loco
4) Sunday High ft. Cecy B & D.Salas
5) Come Fu** With Me ft. Big Dave & D.Salas
6) Dedicated To The OGs ft. D.Salas
7) Sucka MC's
8) Would You Prefer? ft. D.Salas
9) California Raised ft. D.Salas
10) Born In The Struggle ft. Lyrik
11) Gangster Love ft. Doll E Girl, Cecy B, D.Salas
12) Banging In My House Shoes ft. D.Salas
13) A G Like Me
14) We Some Gangsters
15) Ride Or Die ft. D Real & X Man
16) Bonus Track
I Tryed ft. Fiesty 2 Guns & Tripper Loco