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Steel Banging Musick brings you various albums from this well known rap label. Every album is filled with banging beats, talented artist with the best music quality out there. You can hear these albums from beginning to end without skipping a track.


2. Death Of Studio Gangsters ft. Midget Loco
3. We Gonna Ride ft. Midget Loco, Spanky Loco,Stomper,
Young Brown, RIP Bams
4. You Get No Love ft.Midget Loco, Toro, Young Brown
5. We Keep It Street ft. Midget Loco, Young Brown, Toro,
RIP Bams
6. P's Up ft. Midget Loco, Stomper, Troub Nasty
7. Real Gangsters Never Die ft. Midget Loco, Stomper, Toro
8. We Stay Strapped ft. Midget Loco, Toro, Young Brown
9. Slip Slip Ride ft. Midget Loco, Young Brown, Toro
10. Gangster Girl ft. Midget Loco,Toro, Young Brown, Cricks
11. Creep With Me ft. Midget Loco, Troub Nasty
12. Welcome To The Show ft. Midget Loco, Toro, Young Brown,
RIP Bams, D I Gd Up Steel Banging, Cricks
13. Where You From Ese ft. Midget Loco, Lil Yogie, Shady Boy
14. We Wont Stop ft. Midget Loco, Young Brown, Toro
15. Wicked Wicked West ft. Midget Loco, Young Brown, Toro,
Troub Nasty
16. Soy Pandillero ft. Toro, GBoy of WCCG
17. Steel Banging On The Block ft. Midget Loco, Toro
18. Outro ft. Midget Loco, Tripper Loco


1. Just A Touch ft. CBlunt, Killa Cal, Betty Boo
2. Crazy ft. Ace, CBlunt, Betty Boo
3. Under The Influence Skit
4. I Make em Say ft. CBlunt, Eddie Cane
5. Lay It On Me ft. Kozme
6. I Refuse Skit
7. We So Fly ft. Rhythm
8. Its Time ft. Ace
9. Who Wanna Party ft. Jayo
10. Feels So Right ft. Ace, Killa Cal
11.Pimpin Since ft. Eddie Cane
12.Dont Make Me Flip ft. CBlunt, Jazz, Kozme
13.I Wasnt Driving Skit
14.Put Your Drinks Up ft. CBlunt, Ace
15.Can You Feel It ft. Betty Boo
16.No Ordinary Love ft. Betty Boo
17.The Last Time ft. Silly Rabbit, Tammy Esquivel
18.Its Amazing ft. Rhythm, Eddie Cane
19.Gone Way To Soon ft. Betty Boo

The long awaited album "Walk In My Shoes" by Steel Banging artist Lil Vee is finally here. Make sure to get your copy. This is a must have album for all Hip Hop Fans. This album features Midget Loco, Stomper, Lady J, Baby Ash and many more. You don't want to miss this talented young artist drop his skills on this album.