The Forgotten Tapes of Steel Banging Musick

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This album is filled with 21 tracks of straight classic songs by this well respected and talented label. This is a must have album for all Chicano Rap fans. This album features all Steel Banging artists such as Midget Loco, Young Brown, Lady J, Jay Brown, Oneks, Lil Vee, Tha Ghost Dawg, Gd Up Gangsters, and Travie. Also special features by some of todays well known and respected artist are on this album.

1.What You Want in the Game (feat. Hennesy & Lyrik) [Explicit]
2.Certified G's (feat. Oneks) [Explicit]
3.This Is Our Time (Chicano Rap) [Explicit]
4.Click 1 Click 2 (feat. Juan Gambino) [Explicit]
5.Get Back (feat. Oneks, Travie & Melissa Toral) [Explicit]
6.Pimping Since (feat. Eddie Cane) [Explicit]
7.Who's Your Daddy (feat. Lady J) [Explicit]
8.Me-Xicano (feat. Hip Hop Alkatraz) [Explicit]
9.Welcome to the Gangster Life (feat. Lil Minor) [Explicit]
10. Streets Never Sleep (feat. Oneks & Lil Champ) [Explicit]
11.Riding with My Locs On (City Locs) [Explicit]
12.Turn Me Up (feat. Lady J) [Explicit]
13.Lay It on Me (feat. Kozme) [Explicit]
14.Gangster Life (feat. Cricket) [Explicit]
15.Sick Minded (feat. Huero Snipes) [Explicit]
16.Watcha Gonna Do [Explicit]
17.Kicking Facts (feat. Oneks & Lil Champ) [Explicit]
18.Locos United (feat. Rom Loco & Gloria Sol) [Explicit]
19.Listen to the West (feat. Chubbs, Rigs Dog & Down Kilo) [Explicit]